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Victoria Island is truly beautiful. We went for a nice evening stroll around the harbor, breathed in the fresh spring air and basked in the mild springtime sun. Spring is easily my favorite season with bursts of colors everywhere.

After that we went for dinner at a Japanese restaurant. My parents are loving Benji. Who wouldn’t! 😉




Also wanted to add that I’m sad the Canucks lost n are out of the playoffs. Not that I’m a hockey fan but I’ve grown to love anything Vancouver!



Spring has really kicked in here in Vancouver! I went out shopping a couple days ago and got this pretty scarf from H&M (only CAD15!) and decided to brighten up my all black outfit today with it. The sparkly blue swarovski earrings I got from my sister’s just opened Etsy shop ButterGems were quite a good match to the yellow, IMHO!

I wrote in a previous post about how motherhood has opened up conversations with strangers I would otherwise never have, and almost everyday of this week that we’ve been out, I felt like the whole world wanted to talk to me…first about my baby, then about their lives (everyone wants to talk about themselves ultimately, right?). In the last few days, I had a guy – a student – from the Middle East tell me at length about his family that comprised of 10 brothers and 4 sisters and how much he loves children. I was alone at a food court and was in the midst of nursing Benji when this guy who was also alone plonked himself on the seat diagonally across from me. Totally awkward because there were SO many other seats he could’ve picked. Why across from me??! Of course he probably didn’t realize I was nursing until after he sat down. And maybe he started talking to me to vaporize any awkwardness. Anyhow, so I learned about his 10 brothers, 4 sisters, and uncountable numbers of nephews and nieces, and how one of his sisters has an intellectual disability. Which spoke straight to my Speech-Language Pathologist’s heart since I work a lot with that population.

Today, a older guy, probably in his 60s, came up and told me how much he loves children and then another lady, in her 80s tell me the same thing. And the ultimate conversation was with a 72 year old man (he told me his age) on the bus who said he was born in 1933, has 8 children, and carried everyone of them because they didn’t have strollers back then. He also proceeded to say our generation is producing weaklings with all these accessories such as strollers (really?!), and continued to brag about his fitness level and how he at 60 became a fitness instructor and at 70 took karate lessons and holds a level 2 black belt (or something like that). Fascinating. He was a sweet old man tho. I love hearing old people’s stories. There were so many others before these I need to start cataloging them.

It’s really amazing how a little baby in a stroller can open up so many hearts. Loving it! Mommies our there: what are some of the craziest stories you’ve heard from random strangers??


Today’s weather in Vancouver was AMAZING. It really felt like spring (or just another ordinary day in SoCal…oh yeah, I miss that place quite a bit!).

With Benji’s eczema being so unpredictable and the sides of his face starting to act up again (much to my distress) I had to cancel plans to go on an Arts Stroller walk around town with a mother’s group. Instead, I took a short walk with him around the neighborhood with him in the stroller…but that really exacerbated his eczema on the face. The sides that took so long to heal are now weeping again. Today Benji’s skin on his body flared up as well. Is the sleeping bag another cause of his flare-ups? Was it because I had zucchini – a supposedly safe vegetable but one that I rarely eat – for lunch and dinner yesterday? Is he allergic to the fish oil or probiotics? I don’t know. I don’t understand. And I know I’m not alone on this but I hate not knowing. Sigh.  Regression, just after a small celebratory post just a couple days ago. Argh.

This is life with a child who needs extra attention. I have to learn to accept that…before all this, I had plans to take him to baby swim classes after he passes his 4 month mark, attend post-natal pilates classes that I can take Benji to as well, and go for coffees and walks with moms I had met here. But all of that is now put on hold. Indefinitely. Adjustments.

Anyway, after daddy got home from work, we took a walk with Benji in the Bjorn. The Bjorn has worked for us really well in terms of transporting Benji around in such a way that he does not have any opportunity to scratch his face or head since his arms are strapped to the sides.


Just a few more days till our Ped Dermatologist’s appointment. Fingers crossed his skin won’t get even worse anymore.

Till then, I need to really REALLY learn to take a deep breath, trust God, and relax.

Finally went to Brighton Beach, home to the famous colorful beach huts. What a pretty sight to see on a lovely day in spring.


The school holidays are here. That means I get to work from home. Also, I took a few days “off” work. We’re going to Sydney this coming weekend to meet Bry’s sister and husband, then follow them to Noosa, and finally end the trip with a couple days in Adelaide where Bry has to be to present a paper. The whole trip in about 6 days.

I’m not setting my alarm for tomorrow morning. That means I get to sleep in till probably just past 7am (vs 6am on a normal school day): how luxurious!

This coming weekend, I’m going to offer another special in my shop in celebration of:

  1. Chinese New Year
  2. The new president of the U.S.A (i.e., the world – com’on, let’s be real now)
  3. Australia Day (hey, when in Rome, right)

I’ve already posted my store specials on the Etsy Forums and am hoping that once the Etsy finds guide goes out, people will find my store special thread and SHOP with me.

What’s the special? Just enter the promotional code “Shop makeover” when you checkout the item and you’ll receive 10% OFF your purchase (in addition to the special shipping prices – see STORE). Sale items are listed under the “Sale” section.

My glass tile pendants are also going on special – 2 for USD17 again!! This weekend only.

In anticipation of all that, I NEED to do a few things to my store:

  1. Re-do my banner – yes, my banner sucks…been meaning to work on it but can never find the time to!
  2. Re-do my avatar – I’m sick of using product shots….hmmm
  3. Add even MORE items to my store

Of course, I don’t know how much traffic will come through my store that day but hey you never know, right? : )

Here’s my newest item, just listed this afternoon…


Springtime Eugenia only USD17.50 @

We’re going to TRY to drag out asses out to Federation Square in a few hours (@3a.m. Melbourne Australian time, to be specific). So, I’m going to bed now.