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Priceless moment: when Benji was placed on my bosom within minutes after birth

Here’s my story under the cut (warning: graphic descriptions and a super long post!!!):

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Baby Benji is finally here! After about 30 hours of labor and more than an hour of pushing. It was the most physically demanding and mentally challenging job of my entire life but I am so glad it was all worth it.

Benji was born 27th November 2011 at 1059am, weighing 3.5kg and measuring 49.5cm. We are so in love with him and so grateful for this precious gift of new life.

A most unglamorous shot of me but hey that’s childbirth for you. More updates later.


This is how sunnyboy is sitting in my uterus right now. Head down, legs up cutting into my left ribs. That’s why I’m so sore where his legs are. He’s so cute even when he’s kicking me hard. You’re a silly boy, sunnyboy, and we love you!!!


So it’s been said that more women go into labor when it’s full moon and I was kinda hoping that would hold true for me. But alas, the full moon was last night and…uhm, I’m still pregnant without any new symptoms or signs that the baby is possibly coming out anytime soon.

Which is totally fine because I got to try out the best coffee in Melbourne with Bry this morning @ the Seven Seeds Cafe (and yes, it is SO good!!!!), rest up my swollen feet today at nail spa and get a nice pedicure, and clean up our apartment even more (to prep for our move to Canada in about 2 months – another story for another post).



(Giving my swollen and disgustingly dry feet a treat.)

Oh, and my mom arrives in Melbourne in 5 days; am really looking forward to that! 🙂

Morning #1 of mat. leave.

Feeling great! Relieved to have officially completed my work without hiccups. Sure, I have a couple more things here and there to finish but that can be done easily in the next few days. I’m also glad to have some me-time before sunnyboy arrives. There’s still quite a bit to be done at home before he comes; I’m sitting in our living room which is quite a jungle because of unwashed dishes, unfiled bills, and just…stuff lying everywhere.

To do today:

  • Sort out tax stuff and other admin matters
  • Beauty therapy in the morning then meeting Bry for a late lunch date at my fav Ramen place that has amazingly cheap lunch deals
  • Pregnancy exercise class in the evening
  • Start cleaning up the apartment

Day #1 is looking pretty productive. I’ve got days #2, #3 and #4 kinda mapped out, too! Sounds ironic but I like productive leave days.

Felt sunnyboy’s hiccups today for the first time! I was in a meeting with some people when suddenly I felt this constant, rapid little fluttery movement on one side of my belly that lasted for at least a couple minutes or so. Curious about how fetuses who haven’t even started breathing, can hiccup, I looked it up and true enough…these “hiccups” are not because of breath, but because of a sudden contraction of their diaphragmatic muscles caused by some stimulation of…perhaps the delicious McDonalds burger I had for lunch (?) (vs a sudden rush of air into the lungs in humans).

Totally cute!!!