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The bump at 26wks 5 days. Who’s the fattie!?!

All right, so my earlier, first trimester posts about my physical well being have been mostly negative…and thank God the horrible morning sickness passed at around 16 weeks. You hear about women who rave about how much they enjoy being preggers and wonder “who are these weirdos?!” and doubt their claims. Whilst I haven’t been those lucky women who can say I thoroughly enjoy every moment of my pregnancy, I want to share the positives from being preggers:

  • skin — I have NEVER EVER been one with clear, acne free skin. I battled with bad skin even up until my mid 20s…and it was only in the last 3 months that my skin really cleared up — naturally. I’m told I’m “glowing” which to some may think “oily” skin tone, but really, my skin has been the most well-balanced it has EVER been. I can’t tell you how awesome this feels, to not have to be self conscious about dermatology!
  • boobs — I have finally graduated – albeit temporarily – from having a chest like a tweenie to that of a woman. Size xs tube tops and strapless bras are not falling off me, yay!
  • random people striking up conversations with you so you don’t have to do the work to make the first move — I’m not a natural conversation initiator. I blame my Asian background; not really, I just aint the most extroverted person, although sometimes at dinner parties or in a store, I wish I could just strike up conversations with people easily. And since becoming preggers, I’ve found people coming up to ME asking about my pregnancy. Which is great, because I am a good replier and can take a conversation from there…
  • people giving up their seats for you on public transportation — hey, I will not reject those offers!
  • back massages from the husband — this has been Bry’s biggest and best contribution to my well-being. The poor boy has to help me pound out the aches in my lower back almost every night. Most days, he just offers to do it for me, and my heart still melts whenever he does that (my hormones are still a bit crazy, so I tear or get emotional over everything and anything!!). I definitely love receiving them especially after a busy day at work: thank you so much, Bry!

As for negatives…I’ve experienced a range of discomforts some days more than others, but I’ll leave that for another post coz I wanna just bask in this glow for a while!


Li’l feet that I can not just see, but also feel kicking me in my belly. What started from gentle taps graduated to bigger taps and now, at times, full on kicks. This was a snapshot of sunnyboy’s feet about 5 weeks ago,  measuring about 3cm at that time. Can’t wait to actually touch and play “this little piggy” with them.

Today I had my first exercise class at Preggi Bellies, which as the name already suggests, is a fitness exercise program that caters specifically to pregnant (and post-pregnant) women. I’ve never been one to enjoy the gym or even aerobics classes, preferring instead to exercise outside such as running in the park or by the beach, playing tennis, or doing laps in the swimming pool.

However, as I may have written in a previous post, after being preggers, I’ve been very limited in the types of activities I can do and did not want my fitness level to deteriorate or to put on any unnecessary additional weight. Not to mention that it’s FREEZING here in Melbourne at the moment, so even finding the right day to go power walking without returning with a frozen nose and icy cold hands has been challenging. Read More

IMGP6663 by chertartlet

Since being preggers and especially after my morning sickness had passed, I have tried to be consistent with exercising. Mostly, I’d go power walking for about 30-45 minutes. This trip to the Whitsundays was especially good because we were also able to do some hiking to stretch those muscles and pump up the heart rate a little. Obviously my stamina is not as good as it was before and I have to take more frequent breaks. It was still good, tho, to be out there sweating it out. One of the hotels we stayed at on our trip also had a slightly heated pool. Which was PERFECT; I got to do some laps and felt sooo refreshed afterward. So that’s what I looked like at the start of 21 weeks, totally stretching out my size xs top. 🙂

Hello from the Whitsundays Island, Daydream Island! We r here on our babymoon soaking in the warmth whilst Melburnians r freezing their butts off in the cold winter.

Time with just the husband is beautiful n we r enjoying every moment of it before our bundle of joy comes!


I think the our sunny boy just gave his first hi-five to daddy.

Although this sounds kinda earlier than most people’s noted experiences, the husband put his hand on my belly today and actually reported feeling a little tap on his hand from the belly.

The movements are definitely getting more regular and evident. They went from feeling like butterflies “flutters” to a fish swimming really hard in there. So weird yet so incredible and amazing.