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New in Cherbie’s store!

USD8 or SGD12 only @

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I love overcast skies. Love it. It’s cool and beautiful weather in Melbourne, Australia, this morning. Made 2 more sales this morning. My heart still skips a beat everytime someone has bought something from my store.

New in store…


Emma necklace USD17 only on

I have so many new ideas for my store…store direction, item designs, etc…so much to do, so little time, as always! Stay close attention because I have some exciting SALE coming up this weekend. Announcement in a few hours…

Happy February! I can’t believe it’s already the second month of the new year. We spent most of the weekend watching the Australian Open semi-finals and finals, and half the day today watching the Superbowl. A couple of sports junkies, we are!

January was a rather good month for my Etsy store; I got about 40 sales. I’m not making any money yet but that’s okay, for now. I’m still offering a 10% off on all my items in the SALE section, so please come on in to take a look!

My Etsy goals for Feb 2009:

  • 40 sales
  • introduce more product varieties (include rings and possibly brooches)
  • spend LESS time lurking around and posting on Etsy forums
  • 50 hearts

Sounds reasonable, eh? We shall see!


The singing bird necklace USD20. Product description on

Have you ever had your patience tried and tried and tried so hard that you’ve gone from excitement to anxiety, to fury, to depression, to nonchalance, to feeling incompetent? While I remember Psalms 23 about God’s protection and guidance, Ecclesiastes about how everything has its time, and Philippians 4 about how God will supply my needs, and while I KNOW that this wait IS temporary, I do get tired of waiting sometimes and just let myself grief, whine, and cry about it (because I am only human); but for no more than 15 minutes in a day. I’ve never had to wait so long for anything in my life or feel this defeated. Ever. Maybe that’s why I’m having such a hard time dealing with it.

So my 15 minutes is up. Thanks for reading and I’m sure I’ll have good news to report on this blog. Soon.


Audrey necklace -in an oval bezel. Only USD16.50 coming soon on

Things have been pretty quiet around here since the little burst of sales last weekend. Which, in a way, is rather good because that gives me time n space to grow my current collection.

I want to thank ALL of you readers who I know are reading this blog occassionally and readers who have chanced on my blog and who keep coming back (NO, I don’t know who you are so don’t worry, you can keep reading anonymously). Every eyeball on this page helps me in my little enterprise. So thank you. You can help me further by joining my Facebook group and by inviting all your friends to join it, too.

Are you doing last minute shopping for Chinese New Year? Check out my new oriental style pendants in store; I have more that can be custom made for you just look at my SOLD ORDERS and tell me if you see anything you like that you want made into round pendants. OR if there’s anything sold that you would like…I might be able to make one more for you. Just ask! : ) Remember, shipping to Singapore and Australia is FREE this month only! And shipping internationally is only USD1 for the first item and USD0.50 for every additional one!

New USD10 @

If you’re shopping for some new Valentines day collections, I do have some very fresh items in store! They’re lovely and vintage style without being over the top! Simplicity is elegance.: )

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