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Beaded necklace held together with taffeta ribbons…


Finally figured out how to put together a collage on Adobe Photoshop. Here are photos of the decorations, DIY projects, flowers, etc., to give you a feel of the ceremony. We’ve been married a month. Not that this is a bad thing, but it feels like we’ve been married quite a bit longer than that. I think it’s because we’ve packed a multitude of things in the last month. Whew!

It has been a little quiet on the ol’ blog mostly because of all the hustle n bustle in my real world. We have four days to go and have lots of loose ends to tie and things to buy. Today, amongst other wedding things to do, I’m going to try to beautify some pens for guests to use when writing little well wishing notes to us (i.e., guestbook cards).

OK, will also really try to take photos of all the DIY items we’ve done so far to share!


I haven’t been good about updating my blog with pretty creations mostly because all the free time I have (which is, to be honest, quite a lot) has been channeled to shopping for wedding stuff or sleeping. Yes, sleeping. I have been sleeping so much that I’ve impressed myself with this new found ability. I have been going to bed at 9pm and waking up at 630am the next morning; insomnia be damned!

Back to pretty creations: I hope to start painting, drawing, etc., come September when we’re in Melbourne. Till then, my right brain will be full of nothing but flowers, decorations, etc. Up and coming wedding projects include: creating tassels for our wedding favors (paper fans), creating placecards, wrapping the red packet gift box (a.k.a. “ang pow” box…which I will elaborate on in later posts), and decorating various venues to be used on the actual wedding day.

Latest countdown alert: 17 days to go; it’s really happening!

I’m back in Singapore and fighting the ol’ jet lag.

Went for my 2nd gown fitting (with hair and trial make up) yesterday afternoon and was happy with the whole combo! I’m finally starting to feel excited about the wedding again. 🙂

Just as we’re getting ready to fly out to Michigan to attend a friend’s wedding, I’m reminiscining the wedding of our favorite San Diego couple, Ellen & Matt, which took place just last weekend. Ellen picked out the most beautiful flower bouquets, the cutest cake, and had everything so perfect to go with her great and beautiful personality. Congrats again, my friends!

(Photos from Jessica Hong’s collection)

***update*** Photo of us bridesmaids with the wedding couple from Ellen’s relative Eloine:

AND in 1 month, it will be this baby couple’s turn to get hitched…

Some friends organized a prewedding/going away party for Bryan and I at our friend Jesse’s gorgeous home in the Hollywood Hills on July 5. The party was beautiful and it was really nice hanging out with close friends and celebrating this momentous occasion with them before we leave town for the big ceremony in Singapore. More photos from that evening to be uploaded on Flickr after the self appointed official photographer(s) return from their wedding. I’m sad to leave SoCal and all the fabulous friends we have here!